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What your Whatsapp bio say about you

Ehenn!  So what?   Na today?

For those who embraced and have chosen to use WhatsApp, one of the first things that anyone notices about you is your status. So ask yourself… what is my WhatsApp status saying about me and my business?

Your bio is like a first date with your potential follower. So what do you say? How do you start? Is there a special formula? Yes. Just be BE INTERESTING!

If you use WhatsApp for your business and your status is still one of the following…

  • Can’t talk WhatsApp only
  • #Hey There I am Using WhatsApp 
  • In a meeting
  • Urgent calls only
  • Battery about to die … you’re doing it wrong. Even when you change it based on events remember to get back to using you status to promote yourself and business

People don’t care so much about your political bias, religion bla bla bla. They want to know that you’re interesting enough to watch, engage with, follow or interesting enough to click a link to know more about you.

You can become interesting by weaving together-What you do + why you do it + what you love (hobby) + your location + awesome picture. So, what are the most interesting things about you? How can you say it in less than 150 characters without being boring?

Currently, lots of users simply use it to keep in touch with family and friendsity will be nice to learn how to use it more effectively as a tool for communication in business

Have you been using WhatsApp for business? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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