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 Give those searchers what they’re looking for!       

I signed up for lots of inspiring newsletters and this morning, I got an e-mail from Jennifer Larsen Morrow, who is she? I know you will be asking in your mind. 

See how she has been described “Marketing expert, brand guru and As President, Jennifer Larsen Morrow leads strategy, planning and business development for the agency. 

Creative Company has a long-standing reputation for delivering award-winning creative work driven by strategic thinking and marketing savvy. There’s a reason for that reputation. Her name is Jennifer Larsen Morrow.  Brand guru extraordinaire.” Visit CreativeCo site for more

Chineke! (meaning God) when I grow up, I will like to be like her. So back to the matter, she wrote “In my business, things are hopping. I’m celebrating (sort-of) my fortieth year in the marketing and design business. Wow. Hard to believe? Me, too. When I started in design in 1976, there was no internet. No email. No blogs. No websites.

So it was kind of a shock when I saw these startling stats in an article on The Next Web (TNW)…Click here to visit the site you might like to read what she reads as well.

  • 3,520,934: That’s the number of blog posts written today.
  • 5,740,000,000: That’s the number of Google searches per day.
  • 782,651,327: That’s the number of tweets sent today.

Not only do these numbers show how much things have changed, (to be expected after 40 years, I know). But it also shows how difficult today’s marketing really is. How do you compete and stand out in all of that noise?

How do you get your website (which should be at the heart of your marketing) found amongst all of those pixels, clicks and bytes? It’s kind of frightening.”

 She really made it simple by writing a blog post for business owners struggling to bring qualified traffic to their website and keeping them there and entrepreneurs thinking about a redesign that will turn their website into a marketing machine… a 24/7 sales person that draws the right people in. Click on this link to read the  Website redesign, start with your audience

I hope this helps now is not Julian saying it, this is live from the experts. lol!

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