No.1 marketing secret sauce revealed!

Hey, some months ago I posted “How I made money from reading in 2 months”

My business has since gone beyond ALL I mentioned and I think it is worth updating thanks to Ideal Customer Profiling. Here my mini stats…it might not be too fantastic to you but compared to where am coming from it’s a huge difference.

  • I have since learned that there is a method to the madness on social media
  • I’m no longer running in circles when it comes to my business as in staying in my lane.
  • 600+ and ever growing focused niche on Telegram
  • Facebook group of over 4,000 members born out of the mobile chat group
  • I have worked with over 150 clients in few months and my income has more than tripled.
  • Value adding content + increase in followers on Instagram.
  • Launched 7 SME focused signature workshops plus many more I will mention in my next update based on the key needs from the survey responses.

Ideal customer profiling has given me an edge and invaluable information for my business and helped me grow other entrepreneurs whose full stories you will be hearing soon. Below are a few words from the last participants immediately after the session

I’m ‘seeing’ better. I’m actually very hopeful now that my business can really do well. I’m having new ideas that can make my biz stand out inspite of how open my industry is. -Funmi

Thanks Fab Coach, this section is worth every bit of my time. I was taking my time to study and try out some of the things. Reason I’ve not said much. It’s fantastic! -Judith

This has helped me think and still thinking. I realise to run my business and run it happily, I need to know, get and retain my ideal clients -Adebola

It’s opened my mind to endless opportunities that are abound and how I’ve overlooked some. Also, how when my customers are profiled I’m able to weed the chaff from the grain and how when this is done makes acquiring and retaining ideal customers easier and saner. -Bimbo

Each time i hear target the right niche/customers, I can’t but wonder how. A million thanks coach, the picture is getting clearer with this step by step guide. And assignments using our individual business as case study. -Augustina

What marketing strategy has been working for you kindly share in comment below


8 thoughts on “No.1 marketing secret sauce revealed!

  1. Tosin Akinpeloye says:

    Every time I think of what Julian is doing, I’m like ‘ this is not a dream. It’s actually happening!!’ Julian is making people’s dreams come true! Her content is ‘Fantastically Fabulous!!’ She is consistent, her discussions are cutting edge, her whatsapp group is one big family. She is a ready helper. A terrific Coach. An awesome resource and I believe a solid pillar for the foundation of tomorrow’s economy. Just takes my breath away!!! I love what you do darling. Keep up the great work

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