Power in the Law of attraction!

How I attract anything I want!

This morning I stormed out of the house in a hurry to catch up with my colleague that I ride with to work and I forget my earrings. WHY THE HURRY? I started implementing what I learnt from Daba Ibiama of Zesty juices during the 1st 2017 GYB Hangout, she advised that we sleep at least 8 hours daily…believe me, it works wonders I even over slept lol!

Fast forward to my office, as I stepped in my colleague said “Julian, I dropped something on your desk”, when I got to my desk, I found a beautiful set of bangle earrings exactly what I have desired for months and even requested that a GYB group member help me source for it yes I buy 80% of what I use from entrepreneurs in my community. Yemshoelesho got some beautiful jewelries 

Law of attraction Julian Law of attraction earrings

This is law of attraction, I have been practicing it for years and it works wonders!

Below are some points I picked from a site I visit very often

The subconscious mind is like your magic genie and it will accept anything that you feed to it and it will carry out your every wish.

The mental pictures that you let sink into to your subconscious mind will determine your vibration and once you get emotionally involved in the images of what you want, you will be sending out strong vibrations into the universe and with the Law Of Attraction you will attract to you all the things to that you need for full version and more please click HERE!

Release yourself, use your mind…let the magic begin…you can attract whatever you desire! I have used it to attract from earrings to shoes, clothes, iPhone 6, car, including a life partner, YES! I made a list of all what I wanted in the man I will marry and when he arrived he was 10x even more than I asked for!

Now it’s your turn, what have you attracted like this knowingly or unknowingly?



2 thoughts on “Power in the Law of attraction!

  1. catherine says:

    After I was laid off from work . I desired a studio yo start up my business i didnt know how it will happen but i just know thaf i wanted a studio and after some months a friend called to say she wants to give out her studio and the person that came to her mind was me. I was super happy and knew the law of attraction worked in my favour. Even the job I was working came as a result of the law of attraction and so many other things. Awesome write up.

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