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I’m excited to welcome you to #FabFam… sending you some virtual HUGS Lol!

Being a business owner can be tough, when I started my business I didn’t really have a place to run to for help or advice not even tips apart from the internet. At times I felt like I’m all alone but I survived it!

I hate to see YOU go through that same cycle. This is why I created the GYB Telegram, Facebook Support Group and Instagram communities!

STRICTLY ENTREPRENEURS both male and female at different stages in business. A place where business owners like YOU can hangout, learn, share, be uplifted, collaborate, get genuine feedback, brainstorm, find opportunities to network, exchange ideas, solve problems and learn new things and skills with ease.

So don’t be on this entrepreneurial path alone, join us today for marketing inspiration, love packed help, advice and tips via this links below:

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hear what GYB members say about the GYB group

GYB forum is like a energy-packed MBA, you learn, you practice, you explode your business horizons. It is a completely uplifting learning environment and networking oasis for entrepreneurs.

My business and personalty have been impacted positively and also given an opportunity to contribute, thanks FabJu! – Fayo (Rely Supply)

Ahhhh GYB! I have seen my Social media presence transform from a kind of coasting way to a vibrant way.  I get more clicks in a week than I got in one year.

I have made partnerships with members and I have been I have done a few gigs via members of GYB. My growth is not really my business but me I have grown in knowledge which will impact the growth of my business in years to come

I have more insight of my business.  My marketing skills are not there yet but we are on. I learnt how to use Canva which helped my Social media.  I am able to think outside the box.  I am no longer afraid of trying new ways.

Thank you Julian and everyone for your support. – Daba (Zesty Juices)

Where do I start? GYB has taught me too many things. Both business-wise and personally. Most importantly, how to take steps 1,2,3 instead of 3,1,2 – Kim

Joining GYB is one of the best moves I’ve made so far. It has opened my eyes to so much, made me feel less alone in this ‘entrepreneurial jungle’ and inspired me in more ways than I can count.

Since I joined, I’ve learnt to see Whatsapp as a learning tool, to set realistic, achievable goals and to search within myself and face the music when necessary. The members all seemed to be handpicked from a crop of goal setting, upwardly mobile Nigerians.

Our Fab Admin just always knows how to balance the mood of the group. I could go on and on, but let me just say, I think GYB is not just a group for the now, it’s a Movement!!!  – Itohan (Bluberry Cakes)

GYB is a more of a business lecture room for me. I have a jotter for notes. I read more these days than before based on the topics treated. Thank you Fabju and my Fabulous Family! – Adebisi

Am glad am part of the family. I appreciate the warm welcome when I joined despite the fact am not an EDC product. I have been able to learn how more on human management and marketing. GYB has built my confidence in meeting people and marketing my services.

Although am still struggling with the canvas but I know with time and constant practice I will do better. – Bunmi

Being in this group has really widened my scope in business especially with our social media handles and exposing our products to the public. I’m indeed grateful for the self-less Julian who has been the primary reason for this. I look forward this days to new ideas and new ways of growing my business. I have seen the growth and I’m indeed grateful. – Uche (Marven Cakes)

For me GYB has been a meeting point for connecting with people I had only heard or read about e.g. Fayo Williams, Gbonju of Wandy Foods, etc.

Most of all, it’s given me a sense of community and motivation. It came to me at a time production challenges were almost overwhelming. The post about Coca Cola 25 bottle sales in the first year resonates with me to no end – Getty (Tubees Plantain Chips)

Truth is l was about shutting down with the high cost of raw materials and other production challenges, but I had to gather enough energy from this group to fire on, listening to other people experience here, I realize I am not alone in this, I have been motivated to keep pushing -Ogechi (Glamjos)

The camaraderie in the group & networking opportunities is simply awe-inspiring, as entrepreneurs lifting & being lifted by others!

Narrowing it down, the ICP session helped me further narrow down who my exact customers are, where they are, in terms of social media hangouts, knowing their exact wardrobe needs & tailoring my offerings & marketing message to meet those needs, thereby taking out a large chunk of guesswork out of what’s purchased & stocked for the store, and thereby driving sales. -Taiwo (Luwanyz)


Nice to be with like-minded, forward thinking, solution oriented people. We know why we are here, where we want to go n we are constantly making efforts to get there. – Temisan

GYB : A place to sharpen yourself up. Fit into your dreams and work hard at achieving them. With a school principal like Julian…… you can’t afford to play with your business. For real! Business is serious business. – Tolu Ajose

It’s amazing how one can learn so much of things that seems far away through GYB. Entrepreneurship is continuously demystified through this forum. I can surely see everything turning around in my favor. God bless GYB. – Remi

I joined GYB “(Nicodemously )” when I was at a low point. Rising costs were crippling my business,  disloyalty and betrayal from a key staff who was more like a partner worsened things; add  cancer scare, 2 kids under 5 and no help. – Fidipo

GYB… an INSPIRATIONAL PLATFORM for Entrepreneurs  where I have been privileged to receive daily tips, ideas, experiences and more building my business to greater heights…. Thanks Fabulous Julian – Faith (Flavours & Accents)

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