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I help entrepreneurs put an end their MARKETING FOUNDATION STRUGGLES, FAST-TRACK their GROWTH, learn how to take MEGA NEXT steps and LAUNCH into their DREAM lifestyle of FREEDOM in a fun and effortless way!
I have created easy to digest steps you can follow to help you lay the right marketing foundation for your business and achieve your marketing goals.
  • Step 1 (Basic): Get Better At Marketing (Understanding How Marketing Works)
  • Step 2 (Intermediate): Classes and Workshops
  • Step 3 (Advanced): Programs and Blueprints

Get Better At Marketing (Understanding How Marketing Works)

This is the first step every entrepreneur that is new to marketing MUST take. It is very important to understand marketing, its foundation, and its process. This 5 days class will help you uncover the hidden challenges stopping you from moving forward, you will gain clarity on what to do and what not to, you will leave the session with a clear direction on your WHAT NEXT!

  • For Who?
  • A business owner who is not sure where to start
  • Entrepreneurs who are confused about marketing,
  • Startups and those just venturing into business

Class will hold in July, click here to join the waiting list

signature MasterClasses + Workshops

FabJules, I feel overwhelmed in the whole marketing maze, it seems I’m going round an endless cycle. So many aspects of this marketing thing. I am looking for a coach that can help you fix your marketing puzzle! Here the list of classes + workshops available

Programs and Blueprints

I’m at a loss when it comes to marketing strategy, tactics and plans. I am aware this is the only way to grow my business. I need help! Get Hire me as your coach!

Hire me as your brand stylist

Finding time to create marketing materials that work can delay your launching out both online and offline. Let me take those annoying graphic design tasks off your to-do list so you can focus on growing your business.

From logo designs to your social media covers and posts to website banners, flyers, brochures and everything in between, FabulousJulian is here to help provide a one-stop shop for all of your branding and graphic design needs! Let’s start your design project here!


Lagos Hangout (see pictures & videos)

Abuja Hangout  (Coming soon!)


 FabulousJulian Speaks

Leave your audience inspired and super-charged to transform their lives/business! Whether it’s a seminar, training session or workshop for your group, organization or association …give them a reason to fall in love with marketing – a gift they will never forget! 

Bring marketing to life with FabulousJulian’s lively, fun, practical and cost-effective marketing teaching style. Contact me for some marketing-related topics that I love to chat about!