• Do you need an EXTRA push?
  • Do you feel that you could accomplish more but don’t?
  • Do you put off things that you know you should do often?
  • Do you struggle with marketing and all other processes?
  • Do you have a goal and a plan to get there but don’t get started?
  • Do you keep rearranging the same to do list over and over without taking action on it?
  • Do you need someone to help you with understanding marketing and bounce off your  ideas?
  • Are serious and have strong desire to become better?
  • Are wholeheartedly devoted to building the skill set to serve your clients?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, MentorMe is designed for you – you need someone who can help you stay on track toward reaching your business and marketing goals and creating a life and business by design rather than default.

Fab Jules! I feel stuck and confused in the whole marketing and social media maze,  I need an EXTRA push,  I want someone to share my struggles and fears with  and can hold me accountable to my set goals.

Carve out four (4) 30 minutes between 9:00pm – 10:00pm,  every week for 1 month to talk about your one (1) BIGGEST marketing, social media, website and branding challenge… get ready for cost-effective unexpected advice and resources you won’t hear anywhere else. 

Whether you are a startup or have been in business for a while, it’s time to focus on a particular challenge…feel free to pick my brain. This is an opportunity to ask all of your brand and marketing questions in confidence.

Join MentorMe today!  It will help you stay on course, focus on your goals, make progress in less time, gain balance and increase your motivation and help see you through the tough times.

COST: N7,500 ONLY for one (1) full month

  • What you get:
  • Candid opinion of your brand from a potential client’s perspective
  • Helpful tips, advice and resources.
  • Suggested actions or assignments and 1 month phone support and follow up

MentorMe by FabulousJulian  is awesome because:

  • You choose a time that suits you
  • You don’t have to travel, just talk from any location
  • You don’t have to worry about leaving your office, home or store
  • Above all you get my undivided attention via phone for 1 full month

How It Works

  • To get started, follow these 4 easy steps
  • Step 1:  Make Payment: GTBank  000 331 2325   I   ETUOKWU IFEANYI JULIAN
  • Step 2: WhatsApp 08090727475 to confirm payment plus join the group
  • Step 3: Choose  convenient time and areas of concern
  • Step 4: Get ready for my undivided attention

My Expectation from Mentees

  • You MUST show up for ALL session ready to work hard, think hard, and dream big.
  • You MUST work on every action step, assignments and submit them
  • You will be willing and obedient to take advice and suggestions

  • These are some challenges we have handled in the past; 
  • I have to craft a new BRAND IDENTITY  for my business
  • Where do you start on SOCIAL MEDIA?
  • How to turn my PASSION into a BUSINESS?
  • How do I MONITIZE my efforts and business activities?
  • How do I determine MARKETING CHANNELS?
  • Who is my target audience and how do I find them?
  • The state of my WEBSITE and my social media channels
  • How to use social media and online marketing for business
  • Customer loyalty: How to win new customers to keeping existing ones.

Client Testimonial

“I signed up for the MentorMe, although as a joke… signing up and a phone call after. I have a marketing plan- the results are fantastic and far beyond my expectations. FabJuls was quite personable, so it was easy to open up and vent my frustrations about marketing, website…She’s practical, understands what growing businesses need; and cuts it down right straight to the crux of the matter. She’s not for ‘grammar’, uses local parlance.

And the WORK BOOK style assignments? Gets you thinking about real, everyday solutions. (Shhh I meant to ask if she’s hoping to be a professor someday)” Judith Isioma  I  Brick Yard Inc. I  0806 800 4656

I’m looking forward to chat with you and remember: there is solution for every problem!