i’m Julian!

I’ve been rehearsing my interview session for a while now, (as in faking it till I make it kind of thing lol!) check out my response:

Please ma’am can we meet you? I’m Julian, my colleagues call me Ju-ju, some friends call me Jules, Fabjuls but I kind of like FabulousJulian! so easy to hashtag #FabulousJulian. I am part a cost-effective small business marketing coach/consultant, a brand stylist and an entrepreneur who knows how hard, frustrating and lonely building a business can be, so working with me is like getting everything at once.

Julian what exactly do you do?
When someone asks me what I do, this is how I flow: I’m a fine artist by training, with specialty in graphics and an avid SME marketing expert by choice and intuition.

I help smart entrepreneurs and business owners craft their brands and marketing, go from start-ups to stardom and turn their passion into gold mines! In essence, I help businesses turn ordinary things into extraordinary experiences by listening to understand what they want to achieve, guiding and showing them the tools to help them do that.

If you’re anything like I was, you’re probably overwhelmed with a lot of marketing challenges, trust me, I’ve been there. For YEARS I struggled trying to figure out this whole marketing stuff. I had zero experience with no clue of what to do, I made loads of mistakes as a startup, thank goodness I can teach you what to do, and what not to do today.

So, why GYB? Through dedication, lots of investment in years of study and hands-on experience from Entrepreneurial Management to Corporate Branding and Visual Identity, Digital Media, Marketing and Corporate Communications to Brand Management and Small Business Marketing, focus, and tons of action I have figured out why small businesses struggle and how to avoid them and have decided to become the following…Julian the SME Marketing Coach, Julian the brand stylist and Julian the Fabulous Teacher with a heart!

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2009, when I started a graphic design business it was a mixture of more struggles and less result but I was not willing to give up. I knew deep down there was more to just running a business.

I had no one I could relate with or really share my struggles with but my computer, so I started researching day in day out into marketing, the processes, principles, tactics, strategies and one day it popped that discovery was what fueled my desire to launch Grow Your Business with FabulousJulian.

So, what’s the diff?
I am in this for the long haul; it is not a hobby but my passion,  I am here to help small business owners get unstuck. I want to help entrepreneurs with the right foundation to build their marketing activities on.

I’ll be sharing my professional experience via private coaching sessions, workshops, eClasses, phone consultation, blogging and lots of free stuff. Want to work with me? See what’s cooking!

  • Meet FabulousJulian the Smart Entrepreneur’s MTCGC…
  • Mentor: I’ll help shape your marketing mindset/beliefs in a positive way.
  • Teacher: I’ll teach you cost-effective ways to maximize what is within you.
  • Counselor: I’ll counsel you on things that will improve  your marketing performance.
  • Guide: I direct individuals or a group of people along the path from startup to stardom
  • Coach: I’ll help you achieve your marketing goals, working and walking with you.

What’s Your Work/Educational Background? I earned a Higher National Diploma in Graphics, a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management (scholarship from Goldman Sachs Investment Bank) Enterprise Development Centre, Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media Pan Atlantic University (on-going), Diploma in Marketing Communication Chartered Institute of Marketing UK (on-going), Participated in Corporate Visual Identity training and loads of personal online training.

My 15+ years of hustle helped me hone my branding, marketing and coaching skills, prior to my present job, I have worked in a computer firm, had my stint in the advertising industry, stayed out of job…oh yes, and started Cre8tiveBoutique. I’ve designed everything from logos to flyers, social covers and posts and many more for clients, friends and myself …kind of guinea pig lol!

I understand the fusion between branding, design, social media, online and offline marketing. I’ve worked with business owners and entrepreneurs like you with the same marketing challenges and burning question. “How do I increase sales, attract new customers, how do I cope with the ever changing marketing climate plus to manage my day, my time, my to-do list?” Result? Here’s what my clients say about me!  Check out a few of my partners.

Tap into my experience and expertise, so I can apply the same time-tested, successful strategies and techniques I use in my ‘day job’ on a much smaller scale. I share tips, advice, techniques and strategies with startups, NGOs, serial entrepreneurs, organisations etc. to create a clear vision, plan, implement to increase visibility, reach, and revenue without feeling overwhelmed.

I’ve been working with highly motivated SME for years — I know how hard it is to make limited small business marketing budgets work.

Can you tell us a bit more about you aside work? 

  • I love life and I’m willing to enjoy it to the max with my colleague, husband and best friend-Bode (fondly called Otunba). I really like nice things and have awesome dreams, I bet you’ll be jealous when you see my vision board…travel round the world, ride a yellow power bike, own the most innovative design studio…
  • I love nature…wondering why I had a beach wedding? Now you know.
  • Reading and writing has become a ritual…
  • I am an amazing teacher who really cares about people’s success.
  • In my spare time I feed my passion for writing & speaking by sharing my personal life experiences. Wait till I tell you what I’ll be doing soon with above30somtin and YouthExhale!