How I made money from reading in 2 months

Hi! If you are like me you probably are a business owner asking lots of questions about how to grow your business, improve customer experiences and create a brand people will love. This search led me to reading a lot of online resources (blogs, e-newsletter, articles, eBooks etc. Today, I will like to show you 4 steps I took that tripled my sales and income! Ready?

Step 1. I discovered the secret of Ideal Customer Profiling. I had to clearly define and paint a picture of who really needs my services and can pay for it.

Step 2. I carried out a survey (tested it on just a few friends on my phone contact, and social media) in exchange for “FREE Phone Consultation” and the responses were mind blowing! Get the full gist here!

Step 3. Sharp, sharp I started providing solutions that will address areas of need highlighted in the survey.  I offered coaching sessions, wrote a few blogs/social media posts, I started a WhatsApp group and Facebook group all I do is, post tips and share easy to digest content (information) that my audience love.

Step 4. I keep trying new things and updating existing ones, as I learn daily and continuously tweak my classes based on the survey. I desire to do more for business owners and currently, I’m testing the survey I mentioned earlier on a larger scale and a second one that might be of great interest to you. Kindly help me take the surveys by clicking on the links What’s your BIGGEST MARKETING challenge? and Logo/Corporate Identity your response will help me create highly customised solutions that will grow your business.

Want to learn how to create same for your business? Send your NAME and PHONE NUMBER to to join February Know Your Customer (KYC) eClass and get ready to transform your business with real customer insight and not guess work!

Read . Apply . Grow


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