graphic design services

LOGO DESIGN: A logo is just the start of the branding process and is the core of our business. i provide professional logo designs that perfectly fit any type of industry and business, once done, I move on to other marketing and branding needs. View some of my designs here

LOGO MAKEOVER: Fix up your old logo ! Do you have a logo but something’s just not right. Maybe it looks a little outdated, you do not have the original file except JPEG or you want some changes effected. I can fix what you have. I can repair any logo, generate ALL the necessary file formats, supply all the technical information you’ll need (font names and colour). Click to see some logo makeovers I worked on.

CORPORATE IDENTITY GUIDELINES/BRAND STANDARDS: This guide is a foundation for clear, consistent brand communication. This easy-to-follow guide is tailored to the specific needs of a client and their line of business it includes: logo colors, typography specifications (fonts), print, signage, vehicle and uniform applications, web and digital applications. The goal is consistency in overall “look and feel” through all media.

STATIONERY DESIGNS: As business cards, letterheads, envelopes, I.D. Cards, Invoices… make their way around from one pair of eyes to the next promoting your business, they are aptly referred to as your company’s foot soldiers. These company’s foot soldiers serve as your ambassadors. Be it a new all inclusive set or less(few items out of the whole set), stationery designs require great graphic design sense and I pride myself in doing a great job!

MARKETING COLLATERAL: Reach your target audience with professional marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, folders, danglers, roll-up banners, vehicle branding etc. Tell your brand story in living color that consistently delivers big returns across all touch points. Ready to stand out? Check out some flyers here   Rollup Banners

PACKAGE DESIGN/PRODUCT LABELS: Competition is fierce! Let your product sit on the shelves without fear! Your design can mean the difference between selling your product and it being left sitting on the shelf. It is what gets your product off the shelf, into the hands of the consumer. Whether you need soap & shampoo labels, fruit juice or smoothies labels or pharmaceutical packages, I can provide you with the perfect design. View my design portfolio